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Welcome to the site of Brenda Biggar Porcelain


Brenda was delighted to take part in the Virtual Dublin Horseshow 2020 from 15 to 19 July.

The special offers are now closed, but Brenda continues to offer excellent value in once-off, unique works of art on porcelain.

To facilitate your purchase, Brenda is now accepting Payment by Paypal on many items.  Simply click on the "Add to cart" button beside the items in question, and you will be taken to a secure payment page operated by Paypal.

At the moment, we have only a limited selection on view - because it takes time to put a complete webpage together.  We are expanding our selection daily, so - if you don't see what you want today - please come back again to see our latest offers.

Click here to make your choice - http://www.bbporcelain.ie/gallery/category.html?id=4

Brenda Biggar designs and hand-paints a wide range of porcelain brooches, vases, plates, candlesticks and other decorative items and giftware. She has exhibited and sold at Ireland’s National Crafts and Design Fair for many years, as well as art galleries in New York, Dublin and Sofia.  In November 2018, she took part in Art Source, Ireland's Premier Art Fair.

Brenda uses a variety of techniques and materials to alter the surface and characteristics of the white porcelain that serves as a base to her craft.This enables her to create unique, unusual and beautiful designs. She highlights the main features of her work by judicious use of relief and other textured surfaces, often coated in 24 carat gold, as well as platinum, copper and lustres. All Brenda's work is individually hand-painted, and she never uses transfers.

Each piece is kiln-fired, often many times, at temperatures ranging from 720 to 900 degrees centigrade - which ensures a durability of surface similar to factory-produced items.

Brenda graduated from University College Dublin with a science degree but turned to painting when her children were young.  She received an excellent grounding in traditional techniques in Geneva, where she was living at the time, and continued to broaden her repertoire on her return to Dublin.  She has attended workshops and courses in England, Wales, Switzerland and the United States.  She has also taken advantage of her scientific background to develop a number of new techniques and approaches through rigorous experimentation.

Brenda has taught porcelain painting in Ireland and New York.




 No 51, 33 euro, diameter 43 mm




All pieces are unique, once off designs