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Beautiful and Unique Hand-painted Porcelain by Brenda Biggar

Jewellery, Art and other Gifts for that Special Person - Yourself included


Brenda Biggar is a Porcelain Artist and Teacher

Brenda Biggar designs and hand-paints a wide range of porcelain brooches, vases, plates, candle-holders and other decorative items.

Starting from a plain porcelain object, Brenda uses a variety of techniques and materials to create unique, unusual and beautiful designs.These are often enhanced by a judicious use of 24 carat gold, as well as platinum, copper and lustres.

Each piece is kiln-fired, often many times, at temperatures ranging from 720 to 900 degrees centigrade - which ensures a durability of surface similar to factory-produced items.




She took part in Art Source, Ireland’s Premier Art Fair, in 2018 and 2019 and hopes to do so again in 2022. Previously, she exhibited and sold at the National Crafts and Design Fair for many years, as well as through art galleries in New York, Dublin and Sofia. Her work may also be seen on Giftedfromireland.com.

Brenda's work draws on a wide range of styles and techniques, from traditional to modern. She has developed a number of the techniques she uses through rigorous experimentation. All her work is original and hand-painted by her.

Brenda has taught porcelain painting in Ireland and New York.



How to buy

All the items on this site can be ordered for collection from Killiney.   Brooches and small items can also be sent by post.

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All pieces are unique, once off designs